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What to consider before you book a holiday

Booking a holiday is one of the most expensive purchases you may make in a year – so dont risk making the wrong choices!   I have seen so many times where people have booked solely on price, or rushed a decision because they have been forced to book before ‘the last room goes’ or ‘that discount is ending today!’  I can promise you I NEVER use these kind of sales tactics. 

When you first start to think about where to travel on your holiday, it can seem daunting and you may not have any idea where to start!  Well trust me.  By the time we have considered dates, what facilities you need, room types, whether you want that white sand beach or harbour and a budget – the world suddenly becomes much smaller and we narrow your options down for you quite easily.    

A really important consideration before we start to look for your holiday would be the weather.  There is a  wealth of resource on the internet on this topic, however you may find the information contradicts itself.  I can help you with forcasts on the  same days going back 10 years.  

Think about your travel dates.  Be as flexible as possible – especially if the holiday falls around a bank holiday or school holidays.  Each day can make a difference to the prices.  

If you think you want all inclusive, just be open to b&b/ self catering or half board.  The popularity of all inclusive does not always make it good value value for money, especially if you are looking to book when availabilty is low.  This will increase the prices.  

Lots more to think about,  too much to put on this page!  We will go through this with you as part of the process.  


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