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How to choose the perfect holiday

Choosing the right holiday for you and your family can be a very stressful task. I know this all to well with a 7 year old and a 17 year old to try and please! 

Think about it. You may have a partner who wants one type of holiday. Maybe you give your children a voice as well in what they want out of their holiday. And then there is you. What do you want from your annual adventure? If you are anything like me good food and wine and a comfy padded sunbed is all it takes. 

This is where a good Independent Travel Agent comes in. I will always spend time to get to know my clients. I Ask those detailed questions that may seem small but are very important. You want padded sunbeds and a pool that’s not square? No problem. You want an all inclusive with a choice of INCLUDED restaurants? No problem. You want a pretty Harbour to potter around in the evening with plenty of good cocktails? No problem. One of the most common requests from the children are slides in the pool and good wifi connection!   

You may be a couple who have totally different ideas to each other. Now this can be very tricky. I would ask you both to think of 3 things that are non-negotiable and I will work with that. One example I have had of this recently, was a client who wanted to do a self drive holiday. She wanted to see interesting sites and eat good food. Her partner wanted action – he liked activity and exercise. We compromised with a week driving from San Francisco to LA and then a week skiing in Mammoth Mountain which is just 5 hours drive from LA. This was something the clients would never have thought of themselves and they were over the moon with their itinerary. This shows the value of a good Travel Agent.

Whatever you decide to do. You can be assured that you will be 100% financially protected booking through Quinton Travel. We are on hand for you 24/7 before you book, while you are away and after you get back. 

So why not sit back, put your feet up and let me do the hard work for you 😊

Tell me what your perfect holiday looks like today.  Send me your non-negotiable list and let me do the hard work and email some options over for you to discuss as a family. 

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